Peoria Rally to Defend Planned Parenthood


Saturday, February 11th


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


PPIL - Peoria
2709 N Knoxville Ave
IL 61604
On February 11th, anti-choice protesters are holding a rally outside the Planned Parenthood Peoria Health Center. Peorians for Reproductive Health Care is organizing a counter protest to fight back. Join us the public sidewalk in front of the clinic at 10am. Bring a sign! Use your voice to emphasize the fact that the 1976 Hyde Amendment already bans federal tax dollars from funding abortion, and that Peoria’s Planned Parenthood site doesn’t offer abortion services at all. PRHC will be hosting a poster-making party in the days leading up to the rally, so look out for our invite. Weather forecasts predict clouds with a high of 36°, so dress warmly. Street parking is available on W. Hanssler Place, N. Linn Street, W. Virginia Ave and N. Bigelow. There is also a Walgreens at 2515 N Knoxville with a parking lot. Knoxville is a busy road, so be conscious of traffic. Please do not park at Planned Parenthood.
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