Planned Parenthood St. Louis- Action Hour at Urban Chestnut: Recharge & Send #PillstoParson


Wednesday, July 18th


6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Urban Chestnut in the Grove
4465 Manchester Ave
Saint Louis
MO 63110
Join Advocates of Planned Parenthood for a evening to recharge, reconnect, and take action with friends and fries. Stop by anytime! We want to say hi, and we'd love your help sending #PillstoParson. You may have heard already that Governor Mike Parson signed legislation to "defund" Planned Parenthood, blocking low-income Missourians from using Medicaid to continue to get birth control, STI testing, and cancer screenings at PP. We'll have supplies to mail creative messages to Gov. Parson including empty birth control pill packages! Bring your own empty contraceptive packaging and we'll help you send it to the Governor to ask him: where should 7,000 Missourians go to refill their prescriptions and meet their sexual and reproductive health needs? (only clean, empty packaging please)
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