Florida Planned Parenthood PAC: Get Out the Vote Phone Bank for Justice!


Thursday, August 23rd


5:30 PM - 8:00 PM


St. Petersburg Public Library
3745 9th Ave N
Saint Petersburg
FL 33713
Join the Florida Planned Parenthood PAC as we phone bank in support of Amendment 4 (voting rights restoration) and to remind folks to vote this election cycle! Ensuring the right to vote in Florida is directly tied to ensuring reproductive rights for women. Many of the culprits working to take away a woman’s constitutional right to seek an abortion are the same ones actively silencing voters in order to retain power. A key tool used to accomplish this is Florida’s lifetime ban on voting after a person is convicted of a felony. Florida is one of only 4 states with such a ban, and holds half of this disenfranchised population. Amendment 4 updates our criminal justice system to match the standards in other states and reflect our values, so that after a person convicted of a felony (excluding murder and sexual offences) completes all terms of their sentence they earn their rights back. Those who have paid their debt to society deserve just as much a say in our democracy – and the reproduct
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