Planned Parenthood of Southwest Missouri: Rally in the Capitol


Wednesday, May 8th


7:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Teamsters Local #245
1850 E Division St
MO 65803
The Missouri House passed the most extreme abortion ban in the country and the Missouri Senate is moving anti-abortion legislation through as well. These bills are jam-packed with dangerous restrictions on safe, legal abortion and would ban abortion as early as 6 weeks, before many people know they are pregnant. We must fight back against these bills that would ban safe, legal abortion in Missouri! Join us in the Capitol Rotunda as we show up in force on May 8th to rally against these bans. Transportation is provided and leaves promptly at 7am. Meet in the parking lot of Teamsters Local #245 at 1850 E. Division, Springfield, MO, 65803; located just east of Glenstone on the South side of Division - parking lot is in the back. Please park in the farthest back section of the lot. Your car will remain there for the day; we will return by 6:00pm. Please wear pink I Stand With Planned Parenthood shirt if you have one, if not, we'll have some on hand. Lunch is available for purchase at aroun
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