Bans Off Our Bodies: Florida Legislator Welcome Back


Tuesday, September 21st


8:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Florida Capitol
400 S Monroe St
FL 32399
People don't need abortion bans in Florida. The fact that the Florida legislature is even talking about implementing this kind of ban while failing to support children and parents in our state, is cruel. If Florida legislators want to support life, they can end abortion bans and support legislation like Ava's Law, which protects pregnant women who are incarcerated and their children. This event is an 11:30 AM peaceful rally and press conference that will take place in the courtyard of the Capitol. We'll be welcoming back our pro-reproductive rights legislators, holding our anti-reproductive legislators accountable, and hearing from a speaker from Dignity Power to talk about Ava's Law. This event will take place AFTER a Dignity Power press event about a whole series of important legislation to protect the rights of folks who are or have been incarcerated. We encourage you to come at 11 am to join this effort! You can also support now by donating at
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